Clubhouse Rental

Clubhouse Rental and Instructions

To reserve the clubhouse, you must be a member in good standing with the Nesbit Lakes/Briarstone HOA. The facility is not open to outside rentals. No rentals are permitted for “for profit” activities benefiting individual businesses. The facility may not be used for the purpose of religious services. Plainly said, residents are not permitted to “set up shop” in the clubhouse.

Rentals are booked on a first come, first served basis. Dates are not considered booked until necessary forms and funds are received by our office. Reservations are only made on a quarterly basis. Dates are booked no more than three months ahead of time.

If you’d like to book a rental and have confirmed the date is available, please follow these procedures:

1.Complete form below with dates and times and SUBMIT (button below once form has been completed) this rental agreement. This will be proof for your access on the day of rental. You will not be approved if you do not click “submit” below as your agreement.
2. Once you have agreed and submitted (button below) you will be sent to the page with the blue button on top of page to "Pay Here" which will allow you to enter your CMA payment portal and make your online payment via credit card (small bank transaction fee for 1-25 attendees $125.00 & 26+ attendees $250.00).

If you have not logged into the New CMA portal page, you will need to sign up.  Please follow process as explained on the NL Homepage.

  • Once you have signed up and logged into your new CMA portal account, you will be able to make a one-time credit card payment for your reservation.  Please note that your reservation will not be confirmed until payment has been received.  (Either $125.00 for 25 and under attendees or $250.00 for over 25 attendees.)
  • In your CMA portal click on “payment” tab and enter your one-time credit card information to make your reservation payment for $125 or $250.
  • Once payment is made, it should give you a payment confirmation.  This is what you need to forward or take a screen shot and send to Lorraine at

You will not need to send in the rental agreement with an online payment as you have already agreed online. In addition, and you will not need to pay the $500.00 deposit as long as items #3 - #8 are adhered to. The Board may at their discretion, charge your CMA account for any cleaning or damages while being rented.

• You will receive an email payment confirmation when we receive your information.

This will allow Lorraine to bill out the reservation from your CMA account and acknowledge the reservation and confirm payment.


Please note the pool facilities are not included with your rental. Pool parties are not permitted.

3. Homeowner Name *
4. Address *
5. Phone *
6. Email
7. Date and Time of Rental *
8. Type of Function *
9. Number of Attendees: *

Terms of Rental:
1. The Nesbit Lakes HOA clubhouse is available for rental by homeowners only. The resident must be present at all times during the event.  Refundable security deposit will be refunded, no later than 7 days following rental upon inspection, if there are no damages.

2. The use of the swimming pool is not included in the rental.

3. The Clubhouse and any other common area used by Renter’s guests during the rental period stated above will be left neat and clean and in the same condition in which it was found. No furniture, rugs, and/or décor can be moved. No additional furniture may be brought into clubhouse or pool deck.

4. The security deposit will be refunded if, in the discretion of the Nesbit Lakes Board of Directors, the clubhouse is left clean and in good condition after the rental. If any additional cleaning or moving of furnishings must be done following the rental, related fees will be deducted from the deposit. Security deposit will be refunded no later than 7 days following the rental. Please note clean-up & inspection requirements.

5. Any damage done to the Clubhouse, its furnishings, fixtures, or facilities, in excess of the deposit will be charged to the Renter. If not paid within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice, the charges will become a special assessment against the Renter’s unit.

The following additional terms and conditions apply to the reservation & clubhouse use

• NO Smoking is permitted in and around the Clubhouse.
• No alcoholic beverages may be sold on premise.
• No use of barbeque grills or open flames (candles) is allowed in or around clubhouse.
• Helium balloons are not recommended and if used must be removed after rental.
• Nothing may be attached to the clubhouse wall with tape, tacks, nails, or adhesive of any kind.
• No “for profit” activities are allowed- no exchange of goods and money allowed.
• No wet swimwear is allowed in the Clubhouse.
• Clubhouse must be vacated by midnight the day of rental.
• Parking is allowed only in the clubhouse parking area, and NOT in front of residential buildings.

6. Renter, for himself and on behalf of his guests, assumes all responsibilities, risks, liabilities, and hazards incidental to the activities that take place during the rental period stated above (including, but not limited to the serving of alcoholic beverages). Renter releases and hereby discharges the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and members, present, future and past, from any and all claims, costs, causes of action, and liabilities for personal injury or death and damage to or destruction of property arising from the use of the Clubhouse, including the use of the swimming pool, swimming pool deck area, or other common areas, during the rental period stated above.

7. Renter assumes all responsibility for the actions and behavior of all persons present at, attending, or in any other way related to the rental of the Clubhouse, and agrees to be personally responsible and liable for causing all such persons to comply with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the Rules and Regulations, of the Nesbit Lakes HOA.

8. After Use: Clean-up & Inspection

• Clean all items used such as table, stove, sinks, oven, etc. Make sure all flat surfaces including bar and countertops are wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge.
• Return all tables and chairs to original position in main area.
• Sweep main area floor and kitchen floor
• Brush off crumbs and debris; check between cushions
• Remove food and dishes from refrigerator/freezer and clean as required.
• Remove and dispose of all trash from the clubhouse and restrooms in order to prevent insects. Trash must be taken by owner or caterer to trash cards located on outside of building. During the months of October-May the trash will need to be carried with the owner and not left in the clubhouse trash container. There is no trash pick-up when the pool is closed. Place new liners in trashcans.
• Turn All Heat Thermostats to 62 degrees when leaving during winter months. Leave in the Hold Cycle.
• Turn All Air Conditioner Thermostats to 78 degrees in summer months. Leave in the Hold Cycle.
• Turn off all lights.
• Be sure all doors are locked when leaving.
• Do not leave liquor of any kind in refrigerator or bar area.

Renter will have access the day of the event for rental.

By pressing Submit below,
Renter agrees that he has read these conditions of rental and agrees to abide with all items stated within this rental agreement.
 ***     Your reservation has not been submitted until you have completed next steps for payment and reservation date and time.  You will receive an approval email once payment has been submitted.  ***